How to protect your home and yourself during the 2019 “Hurricane Season.”

May 29, 2019

The University of Colorado is predicting 13- 15 storms, four to six of which may develop into a “Named Storm.” Named storms are tropical or hurricane force winds of at least 60 mph. Hurricane season in the U.S. is from June 1 to November 31.

As many homeowners can attest, going through a hurricane unprepared can have devastating consequences. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Here are five things homeowners can do to protect themselves in the event of a hurricane.
1. Survey your area: Get clear of your outdoor area and any objects that may be subject to being affected by high winds. This includes outdoor furniture, grills, gazebos, trees and flowerpots. If you have an unhealthy or dying tree(s) on your property, it may be wise to consider taken it down entirely.
2. Prepare an escape route: Do a possible escape route: In the event of a major disruption in your immediate area, know your escape options. If needed, where could you and your family get to as a temporary shelter? Have you mapped out alternate route in the event of road closures? Emergency escape routes should always be clearly defined prior to the emergency event.
3. Know your policy: Does your policy have a wind and/or hurricane deductible? Many insurance companies are adding wind and/or hurricane deductibles to policies upon renewals. Many times, these deductibles go un-noticed until an event occurs. Furthermore, many of these wind and/or hurricane deductibles can be as high as $20,000 or more. If you discover that you have a high-added deductible, call your insurance company and have it removed. At the very least, be aware of your deductible(s).
4.Document your loss:  If you do experience damage, document everything as soon as possible. Documentation should be in the form of written and photographic records. Best case scenario, do not discard any damaged items until they have been scoped and detailed in a Public Adjuster’s report.
5. Use a Public Adjuster: Public Adjusters are advocates for home and business owners in the event of property damage. Public adjusters work similar to lawyers, but they are specialized to work with home and business owners. When damage occurs, the claim MUST be articulated in a very specific manner in order for the claim to be paid fairly. Otherwise, the insurance company may deny the claim, or the payout may be minimized dramatically.

Hopefully, you will not be affected by this year’s hurricane season’s predicted storms. But in the event that you do experience damage, follow these five steps in order to be prepared and safeguarded before, during and after the event.

Mike Martinez is a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster in NJ, PA, MD, GA, and OH. Mr. Martinez is the founder of and Along with being a trainer of Public adjusters, Mike has also written a special report entitled, “ How to maximize a home insurance claim,” which can be found at Mike Martinez can be reached at 856-430-2640, or in his YouTube Channel “NJ Public Adjuster.”

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