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Water damage and how it affects your claim

October 24, 2017

Water damage is water damage. Not true. Water damage is a lot more intense, and a lot more complicated than what meets the eye. Why is that? Because when it comes to insurance damage, water has a certain classification that identifies it’s level of contamination.

For instance, class 1 water is considered clear and drinkable water. Class 3 water is classified as highly contaminated water. Anything that touches highly contaminated water MUST be replaced. But you probably won’t hear that (voluntarily) from your insurance company. Why? Because it considerably raises the settlement amount.

What type of water damage did I suffer?

What determines the classification water is, is ultimately the state the water is in after it travels and arrives at it’s final resting point. For instance, lets imagine a water line (hose line) breaks in your garage. The water starts out clear. However, as it travels, it makes contact with old gasoline, motor oil and kerosene residue from the garage floor. That water is now considered class 3 water.

Ultimately, the classification of the water in a claim can dramatically change the final dollar amount of what is needed to bring the home back to pre-damage condition.

Communication is key in home insurance claims

Most homeowners don’t know how to articulate this type of information. Where did the water travel? What did the water touch? What areas were affected, either, directly or indirectly? What exactly needs to be replaced? These are questions your Public Adjuster can clearly answer, and therefore, get the appropriate indemnification for it’s client.

Make no mistake about it, water damage is not a simple, one answer solution. There are many variables that determine. How do you best determine these different situations? Allow a professional to do it for you. Public adjusters are trained and experienced at raising the argument that will undoubtedly increase your settlement.

If over the last 12 months you placed a claim due to water damage, allow me to review your settlement. You might have a lot more money coming to you. If you are considering a claim, allow me to review your claim, free of charge, and then if you decide to move forward with me, I still work for you with no out-of-pocket cost. If I don’t recover anything for you, you pay nothing. If I do recover funds for you, my fee is taken out of your settlement.

Call me if I can be of assistance. I’m here to work with you and for you. I am a licensed and bonded public adjuster in NJ, PA, MD and GA. Mike Martinez 856-430-2640 .





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